‘Open sky’ Acrylic on canvas. Clare Booker.

'Open sky'  Acrylic on canvas. Clare Booker.

The painting is from a google earth image of Manchester Airport.
Form and space are flattened through the process of navigating through space using the software of google earth. The landscape divides into flattened forms and shifting viewpoints, creating a feeling of disorientation and distortion of form. The shadows suggest a three dimensional space in some areas, although in reality the space has been constructed by flat images. The light and colour shifts as the camera moves. As you reach ground level the forms become like flat cutouts although some 3D modelled buildings remain.
“Spaces of circulation (freeways, airways) are taking up more room all over the earth today. They are spaces where people coexist or cohabit without living together’
(Marc Auge, Non-Places)

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